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5 Best Places in Woodlands to Make Your Visit Memorable

Posted by Raffles Credit on June 3, 2020 at 11:55 AM

The Woodlands, once a rural area, now finds itself to be one of the most decadent residential

areas. Over the years, it’s become developed and populated, complete with several tourist

attractions. If you’re heading over to the Woodlands for a week or so, here are five beautiful

places to visit:


1. Senoko Fishery Port

Senoko Fishery Port is one of the most popular fishery ports in Singapore. This wet market

supplies most of the Singaporean seafood joints (fresh pickings and wholesale prices), and even as

far as international destinations. It also has a canteen where shoppers can try tasting some

seafood delicacies.

2. Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Behold, this is the one and only natural hot spring in Singapore and is located between

Gambas and Woodlands Avenue, just near Sembawang Road. It is often populated with

various tourists that come for the cascading pool with four tiers and the foot baths. There are

other things you can explore nearby, such as its main cafe and the floral walk. The park is also

inclusive and mindful of disabled visitors, adding wheelchair-friendly ramps and a specially

designed water tap.

3. Market Street

Here’s one for the foodies and shopaholics: Market Street is an outdoor mall populated with

high-end clothing stores and world-class restaurants. A huge section is made to look like a park,

with a fountain area and space for children to run around in. There’s even a four-star hotel

within the area!

4. Dosey Doe

Dosey Doe is home to the local music scene in Singapore. Because it’s a popular concert

venue, its cafes and restaurants often host local gigs and concerts. Big Barn and Music Cafe

are among the more popular food and music joints. If you’re up for a night to relax, get some

good food and listen to live music, head on over to Dosey Doe.

5. Woodlands Waterfront Park

Woodlands Waterfront Park has made a name for itself in the global tourist attraction scene.

This coastal park is a place that you have to see if you’re only visiting once. The entire place is

breathtakingly beautiful with picturesque attractions. The waterfront promenade is 1.5 kilometers

long, ideal for a casual walk or a bicycle ride. There are also challenging trails to explore for the

more adventure-seeking visitors. If you come with children, you can take them to the big

playground, which provides a wide range of recreational equipment.

The unmatched attractions of this charming city promise activities that will make for a very

fulfilling trip, whether it’s a walk to the park, a visit to a wet fish market, or a glimpse into the

nightlife and music scene. Whatever it is, there’s sure to be a second visit.

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